Dina Ramm

"Mighty Leaf I", "Mighty Leaf II". Etching w/ Chine Colle 2006
"I have been interested in consumer culture and the global connections of production/consumption. As I was creating the "portrait of a tea bag" I was contemplating its nature, production, and short lived existence in our tea cups."


"Mother and Child", Collagraph print with fabric, 2004
"A collagraph print is usually an edition of not more than 10 prints as the plate consists of cardboard and other soft materials which under the weight of the roller increasingly compress. In this work, I was looking to find a contemporary expression of the traditional image of the Madonna. Based on the highly formulaic school of Orthodox Russian Icon painting the emotional content of this image goes way beyond its religious significance. For every mother, love, joy and loss are inevitable companions.

"Three Buddhas", Silk-screen print, 2009
This print depicts the Jizo (Japanese name), one of the four principal Buddhistatvas of Mahajana Buddhism. Over the centuries, Jizo has found many expressions, but increasingly became depicted as a simple monk. He is considered a guardian and protector of children, animals, and pregnant women and has become quite a beloved figure in Japanese Buddhism. In this work, he has arrived in the 21st century although leaning heavily on pop art a la Warhol, I think the kindness of the image still comes through.


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