Taki Tu
Orinda, www.takitu.com
Mediums: Plein Air Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Portraits
Title of Work Donated: Portrait of the Big Building, 2009 Plein Air Oil Painting
I paint plein air, still life and figures. I find plein air subjects throughout Northern California and use deep rich colors of nature that remind me of my childhood home in Taiwan. At an early age, I tagged along with artists painting on site in the picturesque coastal town where I was born. I was fascinated by the way paints were squeezed out of tube, the artist mixing colors on palette and watched as painting process unfolded on canvas. I sat in on "critique sessions" held between the artist and my father.
Exhibitions: Shows throughout the Bay Areas; recipient of many awards; works in private collections.
Educational Background: Basic training in painting at the University of California, Berkeley, and extended study of oil painting with Pam Glover, and watercolor with Charles Reid. Retired Senior Physician, Permanente Medical Group, Oakland and an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco.


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