Auction Setup: Library March 2011

basically the same layout as in earlier years.
Feb, 2012: Need to talk about where the laptops will come from, etc. - Bette


Instead of using house wireless we'll use the house ethernet accessed via the
port in Admissions. There are 2 jacks in Admissions one which is currently "hot"
and the other which is unwired. Time permitting we'll re-route the UpperSchool
DSL line from the head end to this second jack for redundancy

Admissions jack. Use the lower one. put a switch/hub in place and run 1 cable into Library, 2 to the Tent
Wireless put high up on shelf; reaches Auditorium and Tent!

We used an Airport in Admissions for Library, the Auditorium's "Loot Corral," and
in a pinch the Tent.

left side - note carpet runners!
right side

the new software and a rental of the card swipers made this part of the operation move pretty quickly
3 'stations' per table, 2 printers. All into a switch at each table