Auction Setup: Tent March 2011

Tent is basically unchanged from previous years.


Wired connection to uplink via Admissions, using the 'armored' cable I cooked up last year.
Wireless in the tent via parent-loaned AP.
out Admission's window: be sure to block the window to save the cable

I got tired of running around stealing carpet, so I bought this wonderful astroturf. It's now in Parents Events storage.

across the Porch. GET THIS DONE EARLY.
under the railing

then across the driveway

mark the cable run across the Big Yard

as it worked out we had 3 laptops in the tent.They had external keyboards
and mice loaned by some parents


Bette was seen toting an iPad and ringing up the Bar tab. How did that work out?

Due to cell-phone WiFi interference next year run cable to the back of the tent w/another
switch. Think about providing wireless for the guests, but use something more robust than
the Airport Express used this year.

Details - wireless clamped to tent pole
clamp wireless access point to tent pole