Auction Setup: Tent March 2012

This is the network setup for the Tent, which includes stations for the Live Auction Bid Entries and the Premium Wine Bar.

NOTE: 2 big problems at the 2012 auction.

First was that the 120 volt power source for the Airport/Network Switch and the Laptops was tripped off. This was due to an unknown person connecting 3 large coffee pots (over 30amps!!) to the same circuit, causing the network to crash. Next year be sure to provide a long (15-25 foot) cable to allow the network to be quickly switched to an alternate power outlet/circuit.

Second problem was that the network cable to the Airport was about 15' too short, forcing the Airport to be placed on a chair (see below).


There is a long network cable, that is encased in an old black rubber hose located in the Parents Event Closet. This cable will run from the Admissions office to the Auction Tent.





A couple of iPads connected to Bluetooth wireless keyboards worked very well at the wine bar, to allow quick entry of wine glasses/bottles.

Installation of a 2nd Airport Extreme mounted on a light pole (using special shelf clamp), works as a seperate wireless network for guests to use. This helps keep the guests cell phones from clogging up the network needed by the Auction Team. It also acts as a redundant wireless network, should the primary wireless network in the tent fail.