Mark your calendars. The Spring Fair is coming! And it's turning 40 this year.

The Learning Faire was first held in 1972. Exhibitions, demonstrations and hands-on activities were the foundation of The Learning Faire, celebrating the mission of Peninsula School, yet reaching beyond our boundaries. Through the years, the fair developed its traditions, grew, and evolved into the Spring Fair, which itself has grown and evolved over time. One constant that remains, however, is the generous and loving spirit of the thousands of people who have, over these past 40 years, brought the fair to life.

This year, the fair looks back to it roots, but is certainly moving forward. Missing activities have been rediscovered, new games are being planned, and craft-masters are gathering their forces. Groceries are being ordered, knives sharpened, and international menus planned. Shortcakes are being baked. Demonstrations are getting polished, books organized, t-shirts printed, decorations uncovered, ping pong tables located, and, of course, signs are being painted. And, yes, musicians are collecting their gear.

But there is still a lot to do to get ready, and now is the time to consider how you can help. Here is a handy guide for participating in this year’s fair:

1. Join in on the set-up.

2. Come to the party & bring your friends.

3. Lend a hand in the clean up.

You’ll be glad you did.

And remember, no matter the weather, the Spring Fair is always a beautiful day!

Ellen Wilkinson & Stuart Sussman
2012 Spring Fair Coordinators

PS: We look forward to seeing you at the 4oth Spring Fair.

All proceeds benefit the students of Peninsula School